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October 24, 2018
Seven Chakra Crystal Healing Therapy
January 22, 2019

Soul Rebirth VIP Day

Soul Rebirth VIP Day

Price: IDR 1000k

Maximum per session 20 pac

Activities  :

Hatha Yoga – Meditation – Light Breakfast ( Tropical Fruit and Herbal Tea ) – Self Management/ Self Healing – Vegan Lunch

This is our retreat that suitable for people who have a limited time and still wish to experience a day filled with activities in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.
One Day Reborn package are designed to releasing, purifying, healing, cleansing and detoxifying into your body, mind and soul. This program combine with daily exercises that critical for your physical wellbeing.

Treat yourself to a full day of yoga, meditation, purification , self healing , healthy food and a good dose of fresh air and grounding amongst the stunning natural setting off .

Let Bali Yoga Master guide you in an energizing silent meditation and yoga flow morning practice followed by catharsis to help calm your nerves and release any tension that may be blocking and restricting the natural flow of energy and circulation within your body.

Our mind creates our experience of everything, and due to negativity in our mind we experience problems and suffering, however, we can remove the causes of suffering from our mind with purification with holy water. In doing so, we come to live joyfully and creatively and truly make the most of our lives.

Learn self healing or stress management  that can help you cope with stress and anxiety and the transformative benefits of a ‘self-love’ approach to living your life.

Our regular one day retreat are a lovely way of spending time to reborn your body with enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch followed by a leisurely walk and are the perfect opportunity to meet catch up with old friends & meet new people. They also make great presents for friends & loved ones.

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