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Panca Karma Package

Panca Karma Package

Balancing the five body elements by five ancient treatments

Pancakarma derived from  Sanskrit which means “five treatments”. Panca Karma package is a program of cleansing and rejuvenation of traditional body through cleansing the body of toxic substances derived from disease and bad food. Ayur Veda recommends Panca Karma as a routine treatment to align the mind-body system.

The package includes :

  • Abyangga Massage Therapy

Abhyangga is a therapy focused on calming the nervous, lympatic and circulatory system

  • Ayur Veda Reflexiology

An ancient therapy that promotes healing massage therapy by pressing the Cakra Marma Points at the foot.

  • Pancamahbhuta therapy

The therapy to balance the five elements in the body that include soil, water, fire, air, space.

  • Svedhana

Herbal steam therapy that will open the pores and cleanse the circulatory system of the body through the skin.

  • Udvarthanam

Therapy using herbal paste is directed on the lymphatic system.

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